Walk and talk/ walk and wheel tour

If you would like to find out how well, or how badly, your organisation is doing in terms of achieving disability equality you might benefit from a consultancy. This is not a full Access Audit – these are carried out by qualified Access Auditors (see below) but is rather a quick and easy way to find any obvious issues (often with easy, cheap solutions) that could act as a barrier to disabled people.
This can also be done before, after or as a part of a Disability Equality Training session. It is an opportunity to have pointed out all the small, easily missed ways that you can help make your services more accessible and welcoming to disabled people. However well you are doing, there is always something that could be done better and it does not have to be costly to make a difference.

Length of time involved

This depends on the size of your site, a small shop will be quicker than a large festival site.


Having a report made up is an option with the consultancy. This costs from £85 upwards. You are free to make your own notes instead of the report but I do recommend that you get it down in writing somehow.

Access Audits

I am not a qualified access auditor, this is a separate specialist field, much like being a property surveyor. If what you actually need is an in-depth access survey, visit the National Register of Access Consultants website.

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